The Wedding Dreams

January 5, 2010

fake eyelashes

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still on the make-up story. Here is another picture of me last Saturday. Editing was only on the lighting and i made the photo a little ‘warmer’ for a more natural looks. boleh nampak jerawat sebijik kat sebelah hidung. (both side actually… refer entry sebelum ni please…). But this photo managed to capture the eyes colours as well as the fake eye-lashes i put on myself. gila kelakar sbb x pernah pakai bulu mata palsu sendiri. tapi berjaya. yey!

ntah nape i suke gamba yang dah di crop nih

and here is the original photo that i cropped from. With Mr.Fiance of course. tapi belum ready lagi. and i actually loves the spontaneous of this photo. No editing done for this one.

the original photo

hehe. actually i am still in the engagement mood. *the reason why this blog still posting about the engagement*

I sooo want to put the decorations and hantarans that I DID myself (with a help of a sister of couse)… however, i don’t want to put it twice here. since i haven’t receive photos from official photog yet. so better i wait until they send it to me.

so for the mean while, please bare with me.

next thing to do:
– to re-schedule appoinment with NSJ events.
– to re-schedule trial make-up with Munie
– to check on the wedding invitation cards.
– to re-confirm with GA team, pay deposit for Nikah, Reception & Bertandang
– to re-confirm with cterq & ND for the live band.

itu sajerh utk kali ini. esok post gamba lagi, sampai korang bosan.



  1. congrats yus!enjoy the E hood and happy prepping..=D

    Comment by nadya — January 6, 2010 @ 10:56 am

  2. I love both of u. Happy ToGeTheR!

    Comment by zubeq — January 6, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

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