The Wedding Dreams

November 24, 2009

location oh location

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Since i dah ada a bit idea of my wedding, my task is to find a suitable place for the nikah as well as the reception. I want the nikah ceremony to be very intimate. Thus, only close friends and relatives will be there. The problem is, i got kinda a lot of close friends la pulak. hahahaa.

so i search and search for places,

here comes the options for nikah ceremony:

1) Nikah di masjid
2) Nikah di Dewan Perdana Felda (bilik nikah die tu)
3) Nikah di Felda Villa
4) Nikah di Kg.Pengantin
5) Nikah di Venice Hill Club House

hmm, some of you might think why la i x buat nikah kat rumah aje kan? hmm, the problem is that my house is a condo type. Jadi, harusla payah makcik nak buat majlis kat situ. cuma option yang last tu je lah ade kaitan dengan rumah i.. As the condo punya club house boleh tahan besar jugak. and got chandelier some-more. tapi pening pulak nak pk pasal catering dan deco dan lain-lain. (pemalas kan i?)

So far, the most attractive option is to have it at Felda Villa. with a package of RM3050 for 50 pax, and any additional head will be charge at rm30 each. I think it is reasonable to have it there. Plus, the additional guest might take like maximum of 200 pax. Will be going to have a look at the place this coming weekend. Hopefully it’s gonna be okay.

and guess what? I actually already called the place. And they said it is already booked on 22nd May (date that i want to have my nikah, originally). In fact, the only date left in May is May,16. While March is fully booked already as well as June. Thus left with 3 dates (18,24 & 25 of April).

So people, there it is. IF i want to have my nikah ceremony at Felda Villa, it will definitely on one of those dates. and by the look of it, most prolly it will fall on 24th April 2010. (24042010). let’s just see how it goes this coming weekend. If i really love the place, i might want to put the RM3000 deposit. huhu.

Anyway, i haven’t really look into Kg.Pengantin package. do they still accept small nikah ceremony to be held at their place? cause last time i check, they stated we should have at least 600 pax.

Alritey, gonna do some more survey on the location.


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