The Wedding Dreams

August 24, 2009

Hi All!

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It’s me Idayusof from the Plan.. to pursue your dream. Maybe ada yang dah pernah baca blog personal tu, kalau rajin korek-korek entry lama… mesti perasan banyak gile entry pasal kenduri kawen.

I am a BIG fan of weddings. mmg saaaangat suka pegi kenduri kawen. i love the food, the people there, the beautiful & lovely brides, suasana riuh rendah semua orang masa kenduri tu… meeting old friends at the same time…

and all the beautiful flowers, wedding gifts, themes, the uniqueness of each wedding to the other wedding….

soooo much to love for a wedding.

i made up my mind, to create a new blog, titled: The Wedding Dreams. Ohh x de ape yang specific. I just want to share the beautiful weddings I attended, or anything about a wedding that i came across.

And when I said anything, it’s gonna ANY thing. pasal majlis tu ke, pasal preparation ke, pasal pengantin ke, pasal budget. ape-ape jelah kan. Maybe sikit sebanyak boleh tolong bakal-bakal pengantin buat persediaan. kan?

dan kalau korang ade request ke, pertanyaan pasal ape-ape yang saya tulis/post… jangan segan-segan nak tanya. I will try to help as much as I can. kalau x boleh tolong, saya try tanyekan yang pakar. Hopefully blog yang x seberapa ni boleh la tolong-tolong korang prepare your own dream wedding.


Last word from me: Congrats on your engagement! and have fun in planning your dream wedding!



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